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Career Guide: Find out the best cities to find a job in the United Kingdom


Career Guide: Find out the best cities to find a job in the United Kingdom

Job seekers in the UK will be delighted to know that the job market will continue to thrive this spring, with positive growth in the weeks leading up to the so-called Brexit. According to our latest labor market statistics, the wages of new jobs increased by 3.1% last month and the vacancies increased by 3.2% over one year.
In addition, we found that some cities are particularly successful. So here is your wide selection of the best cities to find a job now.

Is it time to change jobs now?

The most recent results indicate that the British labor market has remained stable despite the uncertainty surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union. Not only that, but our data has also shown that it works well.

This is largely due to the fact that employers have intensified their recruitment efforts to attract professionals out of their jobs. One way to do this is to increase wages. The good news for you is that there is no sign that this trend has stopped.

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So what are you waiting for with higher salaries and more vacancies? There are so many opportunities now!

What if I want to make more money?

The CV library results showed that other smart Britons benefited from the job boom, with the number of new jobs increasing by 3.6%. It is the first time that applications have increased from year to year in two years!

In the midst of the Brexit disaster, these results are encouraging. It appears that job seekers are responding to rising wages across the country. If you want to participate in the procedure, we recommend that you look at these cities, which have seen an above-average wage increase:

Edinburgh – Pay 15.6%
Glasgow – pay 10.5%
Manchester – Pay 6.6%
Cardiff – Pay 6.2%
Leeds – Pay 4.5%

What if the salary is not my priority?

We are sure that most of you will take care of your salary. However, there is more. It is important to think about future job opportunities, to do what you enjoy, to reconcile work and private life, and many other aspects.

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Sometimes your career upheaval comes from finding a new site. A different environment can do wonders to improve your thinking! If you want to clean up your career, we recommend that you think about it.

Why not start looking for a job by looking at these big cities? The following sites had the biggest job breaks announced in March, making them the best places to find a new job this spring:

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